Monday, August 4, 2014

When Geraldo Rivera Lost all Pretense of Journalistic integrity

Please people, if I get only one wish, one accomplishment through from this long, ugly war which has resulted in so much tragedy and death on both sides, may it be that Mr. Rivera actually reads the following article. Please share this to help me make it happen.


I was sitting at home doing some channel surfing. Hadn't blogged in a couple of days having had been terribly sick. Its the longest I hadn't blogged since the start of the Gaza war.

I came across FOX News on which Geraldo Rivera was surrounded by four female presenters. Geraldo was becoming very emotional. And while the ladies on the show had him outnumbered four to one, and did their best to counter his claims, nobody could. And so I feel the need to do so here.
If Geraldo had any integrity as a journalist at all, he'd address the items I relate to below. The first being, a journalist is supposed to be objective, and not take sides. And there was nothing clearer than Geraldo was taking sides. Much like the rest of the world. He'll say he's taking the side of the Palestinian civilians, which is what the world also tells us. But that's not really being honest. Because by attacking Israel for the results of their actions in the middle of urban warfare he also absolved Hamas of any responsibility for what was taking place. And he did this very clearly. Geraldo took the side of the Palestinians, and that includes both the civilians as well as Hamas, who purposely and repeatedly put civilians and news anchors in the line of fire at every opportunity. We've seen videos like this France 24 Reporter ducking from outgoing rocket fire, and this one too.

Parroting much of the media, Geraldo  burst out that 1400 Palestinians have been killed, mostly civilians. Apparently Geraldo has no problem accepting the "Official Count," which is published by none other by Hamas itself.  While Israel has put in a large amount of research which shows pretty definitely that the civilian death toll is more like 53%. But far be it from Geraldo to actually do research.

And by the way that Geraldo screeched this "fact" on national TV one would think it is an atrocity never seen before in the history of human kind. When in fact, sadly enough, the average civilian casualty ratio in war is typically 3 civilians for every combatant. Maybe he should read this article by Richard Kemp, who was a commander of British forces in Afghanistan and knows very well the dangers and difficulty of fighting an enemy combatant who doesn't play by rules.

The other commentators then asked Geraldo if, as Colonel Kemp has also stated numerous times, if Israel hadn't taken all precautions it could to try and prevent civilian casualties. Geraldo then went on to quote his "years of experience" in war and talk about how a sidewinder missile is so accurate it can be shot through a window, and that there is absolutely no reason why there should should be such a high collateral death rate. But what Mr. Rivera didn't bother examining is the fact that Israeli soldiers are on the ground in Gaza, and Hamas is everywhere. Shooting at soldiers from rooftops, from open windows, from UN schoolyards, from moving motorcycles, and yes from Hospitals. Popping up from tunnel shafts out of nowhere. As an example of the type of environment ground soldiers, who are going door to door are put through, we can see the following graphic:
And I don't know about the urban door to door fighting Mr. Riveria has seen, but as far as I know, as advanced as the army is, it still hasn't developed a pocket helicopter that can be deployed in a second. And when Israeli soldiers come under attack from schools, hospitals, tunnel shafts, homes, and even by kids who call for help and then lead Israeli soldiers to death, in the heat of battle, the IDF responds and in urban conflict inevitably, which Hamas purposely trying to draw their fire to the innocent civilians, those civilians, sadly, and inevitably, get killed.

He could also check wtih Brigette Gabriel,a Lebanese woman who experienced first hand how Hizbulla used the population as human shields. Or maybe he thinks it also not relevant, even though this is one of the many methods Hamas uses.

Israeli soldiers are not in Gaza to kill Palestinian civilians, even if Mr. Rivera might think differently. They are there to seek out tunnels that were built to sneak into Israeli communities and kill Israeli civilians, and store weapons, and seek out bomb making factories, and bring an end to the indiscriminate bombing of Israeli civilians.
And that brings us to another sad, spurious, emotional claim that shows us just what Mr. Rivera is made of.

At one point Mr. Rivera took great pains to explain to his hundred million viewers out there that the missiles that Hamas is launching into Israel are worthless, they don't cause any harm. And in any case Israel can shoot them down. He talked about the three casualties of Hamas missiles, two of which were Arab (he made a point to emphasize this), and all of who lived in the desert where they had no alerts and no bomb shelters.

Well I hate to burst your bubble Mr. Rivera, but if a blind nut was standing across the street with a gun. Every time he raised his weapon an alarm went off to warn you and your family that the nut was about to shoot at your house, even though chances were he was about to miss, and would then fire in the general direction of your house, would you be willing to live with that? I live in Tel Aviv Mr. Rivera, with my wife and child. And so does my wife's entire family. As do my friends, and colleagues, and even lots of people I don't like. As a matter of fact, 6.5 million Israelis now live under daily sirens, which are targeted only for the areas that are at threat. Sirens go off and people run for shelter. Do you think that's acceptable to you Mr. Rivera? Would you expect your government to do whatever it takes, even if it involved killing scores of people, to stop missiles from flying over your head? Do you honestly expect Israelis to live in constant fear and anxiety because you think the bloody photos coming out of Gaza are unacceptable? Do you really think that those missiles cause no harm?

And how dare you hold Israel responsible. Do you have no conscience? Do you have no shame? You, who claim to have been experienced in war reporting? Do you see what's going on in Syria? Have we ever, a single time, heard your emotional and frantic cries to protect the innocent Syrian children, of which now I understand more than 15,000 have died? With a total death count of 200,000? Can you be any more biased, one-sided and hypocritical?

But wait, there's more. When one of the female broadcasters dared to question his intentions or credentials, Geraldo Rivera screamed bloody murder saying how dare she ever put into question his love or caring for Israel. He even has a Star of David tattooed on his hand, he showed it proudly. Proving that every word that came out of his mouth was only because he CARED about Israel. But Mr. Rivera, while in your mind you might care about Israel, you don't seem to give a damn about its citizens. About me, my wife, or my child. About us. You say there has to be a political solution. That's another lie. You know Hamas will never accept Israel. The entire left wing of Israel who up until just five weeks ago still held out some shred of hope for peace with the Palestinians now think there's not a chance in hell. And you know why Mr. Rivera? Its because of journalists like you.

Who scream and shed your crocodile terrors for the death of innocent Palestinian civilians, who have lost any ability to use critical moral judgement and look at a situation through the eyes of circumstance and intent. No, all you see is a pile of dead bloody babies, each death which was organized courtesy of Hamas, and then the death Paparazzi circling around the hospitals being produced by Hamas stagers to get the best photos and send them off through Twitter so people like you can scream bloody murder and renew the Jewish blood libel all the while giving Hamas a pass for any accountability.

Indeed sir, it has been said on more than one occasion in the past month that it is you and journalists like yourself who should be held accountable for the death of innocent Palestinians in Gaza. You who don't report about Hamas, you who don't hold Hamas accountable, you who persecute the country you claim to love, because you can't stand to see the dead bodies of children, and can't see past them, as any journalist worth a nickel should be able to, to get the real story. Of course the story here is of the tragedy of the dead children, but your emotional pleas on international TV reaching a hundred million worldwide viewers is almost as big a crime as the person who launched missiles from the courtyard of Shifa hospital.

No, your crimes are even worse, for you should know better. You are a seasoned journalist, one that is supposed to be objective. And yet not only are you not objective, but you supposedly tout your experience to show the world that the criminals here are the ones that are protecting their population while taking all reasonable precautions in an ugly, urban war made as hard and grinding as possible by an organization that takes depressed and retarded children, straps bombs to them and sends them to pizza parlors and public buses to massacre other children

Mr. Rivera, take a good look in the mirror. You no longer have a place in the media, not even in the tabloids. If you honestly believe the spurious mistruths you presented on tonight's show, then you should do some soul searching, and should leave reporting, and writing for that matter, for good. I'm sure you know the expression the road to hell is paved by good intentions. And if you believe what you said, you just build a twelve lane highway that, for years to come, will transport the dead corpses of both Palestinians and Israelis to their graves.

Because if there are only two truths in this war, they are these:
  • Israel will do everything it needs to continue to protect its people, even if it tragically causes the death of others and even if the world whips up into a fury, and
  • Hamas will do everything it can to continue to murder Israelis as long as it exists.

You know as well as I do both of these are truths. And by legitimizing Hamas, helping it to live another day to attack and kill more Israelis, the bloodshed will continue unabashed.

Jewish Paranoia - maybe its not Unfounded After All

Well the war is winding down, and the rhetoric just keeps ratcheting up. I've been blogging now for near about a month, and granted I feel that within the Jewish community there is understanding that, as opposed to how the President of the United States, the Media, the UN, and pretty much everybody besides Jews or Israel portrays the events in Gaza, Israel is standing behind its right to protect its citizens. And the ensuing death and carnage that is taking place in Gaza isn't because Israel wants to kill Palestinians or is indiscriminately attacking innocent civilians, but due to Hamas and their cynical use of their own people, alive, and even more, dead, for propaganda purposes.

And yet we hear the screaming of the world, calling Israel worse than Hitler, claiming that the death in Gaza is beyond anything that has ever been seen in the world (really? have you seen what's been going on in Iraq the past few months.

As operation Protective Edge has progressed, the absolute lack of media balance has been exposed.  We've seen news reports openly admit to the fact that Hamas launches missiles from hospitals then venomously attack the publication of this report as "propaganda." saying that she was reporting on the situation of the poor Gazans (isn't news reporting supposed to be objective?). We've seen the lies of civilian casualties disproved. We've learned that in addition to launching missiles from Hospitals, hamas actually houses its headquarters from underneath them, one of the biggest of war crimes as described in Article 8(2)(b)(xxiii) of the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court 1998 which states "“[u]tilizing the presence of a civilian or other protected person to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts."

We've seen Geraldo Rivera on Fox news screaming that Israel has indiscriminately murdered innocent Palestinian civilians, claiming that sidewinder rockets can be put through a window so there's no reason why the Israeli army has to kill Palestinian civilians taking shelter in a UN school. Of course he doesn't bother to mention that Israeli soldiers are fighting urban combat, walking through Palestinian neighborhoods filled with tunnels with Hamas terrorists shooting at them from rooftops, schools, tunnels and motorcycles. And that in the heat of battle, well guess what Geraldo, I guess the IDF soldiers didn't have time to call in the sidewinders as they were pinned down by fire being shot at them from right next to the school.

Seriously, the conspiracy theories that they're all against us all seem to be true. Even the President of the United States chooses to assign blame to the Israel who pulled out of Gaza in 2005 with the guarantee from the international community that if they'd ever have to take action they'd have the full support of this same community.

We've also learned that President Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood (AKA Hamas), and wants to keep them around another day to kill more Israelis (and Palestinians), as that serves his interest in keeping balance in the middle east. Seriously, this article is a must read.

We've seen the head of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Navi Pillay actually accuse Israel of war crimes for not sharing its anti-missile system with the very enemy indiscriminately raining missiles on over 6.5 million Israelis. Is she fucking serious? Are we in bizarro world?

We've seen the media finally and openly admit that they're only telling one side of the story, such in this little gem where the New York Times admits they take no photos of Hamas, while a Spanish journalist admitted off the record that reporters "did see Hamas people there launching rockets, they were close to our hotel, but if ever we dared pointing our camera on them they would simply shoot at us and kill us."

And the examples go on and on.

If I was a conspiracy theorist nut I'd be dead sure there's a conspiracy against Israel. I mean,
  • The US President slams Israel again and again for the death in Gaza without every slamming Hamas
  • The UN accuses Israel repeatedly of war crimes in the face of the dozens of steps taking by the Israel Defense Forces to avoid civilian casualties and with proof after proof of Hamas breaking the laws of war.
  • The news media admittedly only reporting one side of the story, that of the "poor Gazans" without reporting a single thing about Hamas, what they're after, their methods, their launching missiles from civilian areas, hospitals, schools. Only quoting Israeli officials
And sadly enough, even though this is the tip of the iceberg, I have to say, it doesn't surprise me.  No, not a bit. I've been blogging about this since the first Gaza war in the pages of this blog.

No, what utterly shocks me, what disappoints me beyond compare, is the stunning silence of the Jewish community in the face of never ending incitement against Israel, and now, as we've seen around the world, against Jews.

For years my friends have been calling me a paranoid right-winger for the simple fact that I support Israel and its right to defend itself, and for daring to speak about the things I mentioned above.

But today, with all the irrefutable proof we've seen that guess what, our paranoia is justified. That the world has no problem with Arabs committing mass murder in Syria with almost 200,000 dead, including 12,000 children. With ethnic cleansing taking place today in Iraq where christians are told to convert, flee or die. And scores are being mowed down with automatic weapons after being buried up to their head in the sand. While others who have grown up in the bosom of western society are rampaging through Iraq proudly behading people left and right.

That it is Israel that is being portrayed as the genocidal manic by none other than the same President of the United States many, if not most of these same Jews voted for not once, but twice.

Where the fuck's your voice people? Don't you see what's going on? Haven't you had enough proof? Open your mouths, you, the Rabbis out there and leaders of your community, the educators. Your the grass roots movement of the Jewish community, start to mobilize, be vocal. SPEAK UP LOUDLY AGAINST THE PRESIDENT AND SAY ITS GOT TO STOP.

Start petitioning the United Nations. Start canvassing the news agencies and force them to ask difficult questions. Or better yet, for those of you in the media, use your position to start challenging the shockingly once sided reporting. Ask who the sources are. Ask why there are no photos of Hamas?

Start to do something. This is your life too, and as you've seen the past four weeks, the hideous incitement against Israel is really nothing but old fashioned antisemitism. And its being fed by none other than the President of the United States, the United Nations, and the News agencies (that supposedly we control, right?).

For me, this is it. I'm burned out again. I'm burned out at trying to provide an accurate picture to you out there. Because the truth be told, you're meant to do something about it too. There are a precious few of you who do, who do take action. Post articles, share, write a blog, or hold music vigils.

But guess what, clicking like and sharing a link on facebook is no longer enough. Its not enough to preach to the choir. Now its your turn. Whatever you see happening in the media is targeted towards you, as Jews. You know that's how its interpreted. Israel's a bunch of bloodthirsty murderers for following the best it can the rules of war in order to protect its citizens and provide them with a normal life?

Replace Israel with Jews.If Israel's right to self defense is made illegitimate, yours will be next. We've seen its already happening in "enlightened" Europe in an advanced manner. You may feel safe today. But what about when your children have children. If incitement against Israel (and Jews), is increasing at a fierce rate, and supported by the President of the United States and the UN, then what's going to happen when the Muslim population in Europe grows to double its size in 20 or 30 years? Think about it? Its not racist, its simple reasoning and self survival.

That's it. This rant is over. I'm finished. I may post one or two more blogs but don't count on it. I suggest you try to digest everything taking place in the world today. And think about if its really an option to sit silently. Because if you don't stand up and make a difference, if you don't stand up for Israel's right to defend itself, there just may not be an Israel to stand up for yours, or your children's, or your grandchildren, if the day comes.

That Jewish Paranoia, it may not be that unfounded after all. And its all pointing in a really ugly direction.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

When the World Stops Trying to Distinguish Right from Wrong

IN today's world, everything has become just as good and bad as anything else. A friend of mine posted an article hosted on the Huffington Post titled We Are Better Than This.  In it the author Hilary Stauffer goes through and tries to prove how neither side is better than the other. She goes on to try and make a balanced argument why Israelis aren't war criminals and why Palestinians aren't terrorists.

Whether it be due to multiculturalism in Europe that tries to teach us that all cultures are equal (except Western cultures which are guilty of colonialism), or  political correctness in the US which forbids people to speak about anything that might offend another, what has developed is that today in the world, people are no longer allowed to make judgements. Nor are they any longer encouraged to think for themselves.

People no longer know how to examine circumstance, and intent. Instead they allow their emotions to be played like a violin with a mind numbing stream of bloody pictures. Some which are real, and some which don't reflect the reality they claim to. For example, many photos shown as dead or injured Palestinians from this round of Gaza clashes are actually from the Syrian civil war, or a previous Gaza conflict.

But it doesn't matter, because people have been trained specifically not to examine and ask questions. Not to try and understand the circumstance and intent of an event. They've been told that every death is equal no matter how it happened. That it doesn't matter if a kid was in a car accident or if his neighbor blew him up in a car. It doesn't matter if a child died because they were eating with their family at a pizza parlor when a terrorist walked in and blew it up, or because that child's father was storing and launching missiles from his back yard.

How fucking sick is that people? Where is your ability to use your reason?

Its not true, the world isn't one big equal playing field. The reason the world is falling apart and murder and war is running rampant is because everybody tries to prove that apparently there is no good and bad, no right and wrong.

And we can see that clearly in the example the author above provided in which she's trying to make some perverted form of moral equivalence between a country that's build war machines for the single purpose of killing and maiming, from within its own population, and then hides behind their children while attacking someone else's children, with the country that's invested for years in trying to protect their children, building bomb shelters, developing technologies to prevent missiles from killing and causing destruction.

And as opposed to the author's claim, there are such things as terrorists, and not only a few Palestinian terrorists. What else would you call someone who straps a bomb to their body and walks into a pizza parlor full of kids, into buses, heads to malls packed on busy children's holidays. There is right from wrong, and the fact that the world is more and more choosing to ignore it as opposed to distinguish between them is a chilling warning call.

Honor killings isn't a colorful tradition that should be respected. Neither is female circumcision. Neither are the beheadings and mass murders we see across Iraq and Syria today.

And the fact that the world is in an uproar at Israel's actions, as opposed to being in an uproar at Hamas's actions is the tell tale sign. When the world lets a murderous organization kill, maim, kidnap and murder with barely a whisper, without challenging this group in the media and international organizations, and focuses all its anger on a sovereign nation trying to protect its civilians, something is definitely wrong.

This is it people. Its one of those critical points in humanity. Where we decide what direction we're going to take as humanity. Are we going to stand up and scream at the top of our lungs that there is right and wrong, and its more than just looking at bloody bodies to say that death is wrong? Or are we going to sit back and let them brainwash into believing that our morals, our values, what we've been taught our whole life and know with every fiber of our being is just an illusion, and that nobody is really any better or worse than anybody else. That behading is OK as long as its not happening in our neighborhood. And that hiding behind your children and causing their death is really just the same as the people that launched the missiles to get you to stop firing at them.

If we don't use it, we're going to lose it. And that would be the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why is the Gaza War So Bloody and Deadly?

The reports are impossible to ignore, the numbers of the dead and injured updated in real time, 24 hours a day. Streaming video coming out of the heart of Gaza, a never ending stream of bloody photos, twitter streams moving so fast you can't even read 120 characters before its gone, replaced by dozens of others.

Bloggers, a 14 year old girl writing about her horrific experiences living just across from Shifa hospital in Gaza, the never ending bombings, firefights and the parade of wounded and dead. As the expression about news goes, if it bleeds it leads. The world is thirsty for blood and perhaps for the first time in history, or at least more efficient than ever before, Internet 2.0, camera phones, twitter, Facebook, Google +, the bloggers, the IDF declassifying materials faster than you can blink an eye, every little detail is there for everybody to see.

Once again, war involving Israel sets a precedent. The world is shocked, SHOCKED, by the scale of death and destruction taking place in Gaza. They say its "unprecedented," many comparing it with Hitler, calling it genocide, screaming that Israeli is committing war crimes left and right.

Though the only two things unprecedented about this war is the amount of real-time, in your face coverage, made possible by Israel's democratic nature, modern technology, and the care being taken by Israel to avoid as much as possible the death of innocent civilians.

The way the news media reports it you'd think this is the most bloody, violent and fierce war in history. But the truth of the matter is, its not. Its a war like every other war. And the scale of the Gaza war is tiny. Its tiny compared to the millions killed in WWII, with 25,000 civilians killed in the bombing of Dresden Germany alone. Can you grasp that. Twenty Five Thousand civilians purposely murdered by allied forces in WWII in a matter of a couple of days, ON PURPOSE. While the full death count for WWII was 30 million. That's thirty million people killed.

Or if we want to be more recent, we can talk about the war in Kosovo where 18 thousand people died, with ally bombs killing 500 innocent civilians, in hospitals, in homes and at schools.

Or we can talk about the war in Afghanistan waged by the US following 9/11 where between 15,000 and 20,000 civilians were killed. Many by unmanned US drones, at weddings, in their homes, and in the most banal locations in the most horrific manner.

We can also look at Israel's norther neighbor Syria. In the seven years since their civil war broke out 170,000 people have been killed in fighting, including 12,000 children. That's twelve thousand children. With tens of thousands more children permanently and purposely maimed and handicapped by Assad's forces as a matter of policy. How horrific is that.

We can also look to Syria and Iraq to see the new face of terror, ISIS, who's rolling around Iraq chopping off heads left and right, executing hundreds at a time, burying people in the sands up to their heads, and abusing them in the most horrific ways you don't want to imagine, and who have just ethnically cleansed Mosul, Iraq from Christians.

So what's different from all the above wars and the Gaza war? As we stated in the beginning, technology. If Israel wanted to they could manage to drastically reduce the amount of photos and information streaming out of Gaza. Of course they couldn't completely stop it, but the circus we see on TV, the pictures that incite the world, who demand Israel be accountable all the while only mentioning Hamas when talking about what their demands are, could be reduced to a trickle.

Israel could also bar photo journalists from entering Gaza, and even from reporting from Israel. Of course that wouldn't be very democratic. But it's worked for Assad pretty well. But the truth of the matter is that the interest in this war isn't just because the mass amounts of bloody photos and morbid fascination with a body count, so hideous that one UK paper put together a diagram showing then number of dead children by age, each child represented by an outline.I wonder if they created a similar diagram for the 12,000 children massacred in Syria, probably not.

No, the interest in this war is because its being waged by a country of Jews. The Jews, apparently in the world's eyes, don't have the right to protect themselves if it means killing others. It makes Jews look bad, it proves to the world their "real nature." It makes the Europeans feel a little better about their role in rounding up and murdering 13 million people. Maybe hitler wasn't wrong after all, right?

So why is the Gaza war so bloody and deadly? The answer is, as far as wars go, its not any more bloody or deadly relative to other wars in the world. In fact, believe it or not, its probably less so. The reason it appears to be is because with a camera in every pocket, Hamas a social media savvy organization who knows how to get Israel to kill their children then pimp that dead child. They know that every bloody picture of a dead Palestinian (or Syrian) child wins them points in the international arena, feeding the world "proof" what they already knew about the Jews.

And as mentioned, Israel's freedom of the press also contributes to the orgy of blood and hate. Israel provides freedom of the press as much as  possible in wartime. It shuttles reporters in and out of gaza. Though its also important to remember that these reports are only half the story, the half that portrays dead Palestinians without mentioning Hamas. All of these points come together to paint a picture of the most reported and documented war in the history of mankind.

Israel shall continue to fight it, and there will be more casualties on both sides. And the Palestinians and the world should hope that Israel manages to give a deadly blow to Hamas, and that no cease fire  agreement that includes concessions to Hamas bring it to an end. Because if that's what happens, then the next war is just two, maybe three years away. And it will be five times as violent, bloody and deadly as this one.

Where is UN Accountability in Gaza?

As we've seen over the past few weeks, UN schools, shelters and public hospitals have repeatedly been hit by fire resulting in damage, mass injuries and death.

And as we've also seen over the past few weeks, UN facilities not only provide shelter to refugees who've left their homes, they also provide shelter to Hamas terrorists and their weapons, as well as operate as launchpads for attack against Israel and Israeli soldiers. In fact, for the third time the UN openly admitted that they've discovered weapons caches in the form of missiles in UN run schools.

While claims of Israel purposely shelling these schools have been rejected by the IDF in some circumstances, in others the IDF says it was returning fire. We know for example that this Italian Reporter exposed that the dozen or so kids killed on a playground the other day which the world blames on Israel, was in fact the result of a Hamas missile gone wrong.

We're also discovering more and more that there is a cover up in the media, in which reporters dare not report when civilian deaths in Gaza are due to Hamas missiles malfunctioning (as was the case at Shifa Hospital as seen in the attached article), or when they see weapons launched from population centers or using Palestinian civilians as human shields. We also have to remember that when it comes to the UN, most of their staff in Gaza are Palestinian themselves who "support the cause." That's right, UN staff are enabling if not assisting Hamas in storing and launching weapons from UN facilities, endangering and killing the very people they are claiming to be helping and protecting; and the UN is calling on Israel to be accountable. How's that for hypocrisy.

Today the UN called for Israel to be accountabld as the result of a UN school that was hit by fire resulting in the injury and death of dozens of Palestinians who were using the school as a shelter, without, like usual, without relating to their earlier admission that UN schools are used by Hamas to stores weapons, indiscriminately launches missiles at Israeli civilians, and attack Israeli soldiers. In today's incident, the IDF claims that Hamas was firing from the vicinity of the UN school. How is it that UNRWA or the UN don't publicly call for Hamas to stop firing from near its schools?

Where is UN accountability? Who is overseeing these locations? How do dozens of missiles aimed at Israeli cities end up in these school gymnasiums and courtyards? How is the UN letting Hamas use their facilities to attack Israeli solders. How is there no internal and public inquiry? And the most important question, how does the UN have the audacity to demand Israeli accountability when the UN doesn't even acknowledge the role their own organization plays in supporting a terrorist organization and the subsequent deaths of scores of Palestinians and countless war crimes.

They want accountability, its about time they provide it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

President Obama Caught Lying, Supporting Hamas and Persecuting Israel

This one's a shocker. And the fact that the transcript of this conversation reached the mainstream Israeli news media just goes to show just how far the Obama Israel relationship has sunk. Apparently the Israeli administration is so concerned the President is robbing its ability protecting its own citizens that is has risked a total and complete collapse between the administrations by publishing a transcript which goes in the face of everything the American administration has been telling the public. It is clearly an expression of extreme frustration and a cry of distress. The President of the United States is using every tool in his power to bully Israel into submission.

According to the Times of Israel, a relatively new but center, mainstream Israeli media oulet, Obama "demanded that Netanyahu and Israel declare a unilateral ceasefire - trusting that Israel's concerns would be addressed later by Hamas (terrorists), Qatar (terrorist funders), and Turkey (virulently anti-Israel)."

And this is the exchange:
The transcript below was originally provided by Israel Channel 1:

Barack Obama: I demand that Israel agrees to an immediate, unilateral ceasefire and halt all offensive activities, in particular airstrikes.
Benjamin Netanyahu: And what will Israel receive in exchange for a ceasefire?
BO: I believe that Hamas will cease its rocket fire — silence will be met with silence.
BN: Hamas broke all five previous ceasefires. It’s a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel.
BO: I repeat and expect Israel to stop all its military activities unilaterally. The pictures of destruction in Gaza distance the world from Israel’s position.
BN: Kerry’s proposal was completely unrealistic and gives Hamas military and diplomatic advantages.
BO: Within a week of the end of Israel’s military activities, Qatar and Turkey will begin negotiations with Hamas based on the 2012 understandings, including Israel’s commitment to removing the siege restrictions on Gaza.

Now this was published just a couple of hours after John Kerry had claimed that Binyamin Netanyahu had called him to ask to push for a truce.

If true, and I see no reason to doubt it, this would be the clearest evidence yet that not only is the Obama Administration bullying Israel, he's lying to the American public, and for all practical purposes, the world about it.

And of course, the White House claims that the transcript is bogus. At this point with the Obama administration having held "cease fire" discussions with Turkey and Qatar in Paris, without Israel, Egypt, or the Palestinian Authority, it seems more than reasonable that the transcript is true.

He has taken the side of Hamas. He has not once publicly called on Hamas to lay down its weapons, he's not once asked the world community to condemn Hamas for breaking any number of the laws of war in the book, regularly, on a daily basis, both against its own citizens, and against Israeli citizens. As I've mentioned numerous times in my blog posts, the simple fact of letting Hamas walk away from this is a victory. Not punishing them for launching this horrid war against Israel is rewarding them.

As I mentioned in this post, the only reason there is blockade is because Hamas violently overthrew Gaza and started attacking Israel. And now the President is demanding that Israel remove the blockade. That's rewarding Hamas for launching a war, killing, kidnapping Israeli children, killing Israelis, using the Palestinian population as human shields, and killing Palestinians.

Is he insane? Just what is it the presdent wants. He doesn't give a crap about the pictures coming out of Gaza. Bloody pictures have been streaming from every war zone since the invent of Internet 2.0. There's something more. The president also put his full support behind the Islamic Brotherhood, another Islamic fanatic organization that took over Egypt. He wants these extremists to rule. Why?

What we need now is an outrcy. Why is the President lying to the public? Why is he trying to give Hamas the upper hand to fight another day? Why is he threatening Israel as Hamas indiscriminately rains missiles down upon Israeli civilians? Why is he knowingly trying to rob Israel of its right to self defense. We demand answers. And so should you.


The last newsflash reads "Despite rejections by American and Israeli officials, Channel 1′s Or Nahari insists that the transcript leaked to him by a “senior American official” is authentic, but acknowledges that the quotes he published were merely an except from a long conversation."

The interesting item to point out here is that it was leaked by a "Senior American Official." The plot thickens.

Removing the Blockade with Hamas in Power is a Victory for Terror

There's lot of talking going on lately. It seems that the Americans are exerting an enormous amount of pressure on the Israeli government to agree to a ceasefire, and the Israeli leadership is weighing its lack of options. For if it disobeys the Obama administration there's surely going to be hell to pay. We've already seen them close down Israel's only international airport, and already publicly note that Israel's criticism of Kerry is liable to damage relations.

And now there are rumors that Israel might actually agree to lifting the embargo on Gaza as part of a cease fire agreement. Remember, Hamas is the reason there is a blockade.

No matter what the circumstances, even if supposedly the Palestinian leadership would take charge of Gaza, if Israel removes the embargo it will be a victory for Hamas and a victory for terror.

It will enable them to import weapons, concrete and weapons of war. And we all know that no matter what promises the international community makes to "monitor" traffic, those promises are worthless. Just as they were in the past with Southern Lebanon which now has 10 times as many weapons as they did before the war (even though the cease fire called on Hizbulla to be completely disarmed and additionally stationed UN soldiers across Southern Lebanon), just like the UN monitors ran from the Rafiah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt the moment Hamas showed up with Guns.

The only way it would not be a victory for terror would be if Fatah did take the reigns of Gaza AND Hamas would be disarmed and only AFTER this disarmament was cleared by Israel the embargo is raised.

If these conditions aren't met, then terrorizing and murdering Israelis and using their own citizens as human shields and leading to their death will become, yet again, a very successful tactic adopted and used by terror organizations around the world, and its use will get even stronger among Hamas.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, Do not agree to lift the embargo unless the following conditions are met:
  1. Governance of Gaza is handed over to Fatah
  2. Hamas is disarmed. This disarmament has to be certified by Israeli authorities (and not the US, not the UN and not the International Community)
  3. A trial period determined by Israel is met
Of course, we know this will never happen. We know Hamas will never agree to giving up governance of Gaza. And we know that even more than that, Hamas will never agree to be disarmed.

Don't let terror win, or we will all regret it.