Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Silence of the Jews

The Obama Administration is orchestrating attacks on Israel, encouraging the Europeans to launch boycotts, and the Palestinians to threaten violence, in an all out effort to bend Israel and force them to sign onto a “peace” agreement which Israel believes is not in its interests. And the title of this blog post comes from the fact that President Obama has succeeded in silencing Jewish dissent regarding these and all other of his Israel policies.

But I won’t blame the President for silencing the Jewish voice, even though that has also been a process orchestrated by the Obama administration over the past couple of years, delegitimizing any support for Israel by a number of means, for example labeling supporters for Israel as “right wing fanatics,” there is no worse insult for someone who cares about humanity and equality and believes they are humanitarian than to be labeled a right wing fanatic.

No, I blame the Jews that continue to remain silent, even in the face of the daily attacks by the Obama administration against Israel, at yet another critical juncture. In which they still won’t’ voice their support for Israel, they still won’t stand up and say to the President and his administration that he is wrong. They won’t demand of him that he stop provoking the Europeans to boycott Israel. They won’t demand that he stops provoking the Palestinians to violence.

That he stop using the force of his power as President of the United to bully Israel into a devastating one-sided agreement in which its security will, no matter what the President says, be dealt a death blow, if what we hear being published about the agreement has any truth to it.

As opposed to stand up and state unequivocally that boycotts and violence will not be tolerated against Israel. Today the Obama administration wields them as threats and then says they are only "describing the situation exactly as it is."

Does the president not know of the laws passed by the US government making it illegal to boycott Israel and prescribing penalties for doing so? You bet he does, and yet he presses on. Trying to convince you, his electorate that its not him doing it, its the Europeans. And sadly, he's succeeded.

Today none other than the mouthpiece of the White House Thomas Friedman published this piece in the newspaper of record, the New York Times, about how it’s not the Palestinians that are leading the next Intifada, it’s the Europeans and their growing push to boycott Israel.

And once again we can see that this is smoke and mirror tactics.

The third intifada isn’t being led by Europe; it’s being orchestrated by none other than the Obama Administration and the white house. We can see proof of this offensive, this time in the form of tweets by Susan Rice.

President Obama is determined to force Israel to sign a peace agreement, even if it means war, and the isolation of Israel. And apparently he'll use any means possible.

This is the President you voted for, and now you sit, silently, closing your eyes as tight as you can, ignoring what’s happening. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The 2013 Israeli Elections - in Retrospect

My blogging days are over, or at least that's what I thought. I had a special request to write about the election from friends. Being how this post is coming after the elections, it’s looking at them in retrospect, but it should still provide some insight into how Israelis see it, for anyone interested.

Israelis get the day off for elections. And on Jan.22nd 2013, the entire state of Israel was soaking up the warm sun on a day that most would have confused with the beginning of summer. Great weather, the day off, and Israeli desire to make a difference, all lead to a participation rate of 67.8% in elections. A significant amount higher than the 57.5% who reelected President Obama.

And the results, well we'll get to those shortly. But what was obvious before the election was the new reality in international journalism, which is particularly and painfully obvious when examining their reporting on Israel: and that is that the media writes what they want to believe, as opposed to actually analyzing and understanding events and real trends. And sadly, this is strongest in relation to reporting in Israel.

Indeed, the way the media has been hammering at Israeli society and democracy over the past couple of years one might have thought that Israel was on the verge of building concentration camps for the Palestinians, or that the religious fanatics were on the verge of overwhelmingly being elected by electorate who, according to the American government, international opinion and ignorant media are overwhelmingly right-wing fanatics looking to eliminate democracy, ethnically cleanse the Palestinians and establish a theocracy.

We also had President Obama spoon feed his usual mouthpieces, in this case Jeffery Goldberg, regarding his dissatisfaction and disappointment with Binyamin Netanyahu. President Obama even had the "audacity to claim" that Israel Doesn't Know What Its Own Best Interests Are. And of course, the US President has Israel's best interests in mind, right?

It was all too clear that the real purpose of this exclamation was to indicate to both the Israeli Prime Minister and the Israeli people that if Israel (Netanyahu) didn't adopt the President's  positions (vis a vis Iran, negotiations with Palestinians, etc.), he was going to make the Prime Minister's life hard, at every turn, at every corner, and in every forum. And of course indirectly, this would affect the well being of all Israelis.

Indeed, it was a threat.

Did it work? We’ll look at that shortly too.

And the elections? The pundits couldn't have been proven more wrong. The Israeli electorate took a step towards the center, away from the right and not towards it.

And though Binyamin Netanyahu lost some power as the result of the elections (his party went from 42 to 31 seats in the Parliament out of a total of 120), his Likud Party still took the most seats of any party, won the elections, and subsequently Mr. Netanyahu will once again perform as Israel's Prime Minister.

Now there have been many claims that Binyamin Netanyahu and his party the Likud losing 25% of its power is the direct result of President Obama’s intervention. There are others that claim, as Hillary Clinton has, that it shows the Israeli public wants a new direction. And no matter who’s mouth the bullshit is pouring out of, they all come to the same conclusion: there must be a new push for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, because supposedly, that’s why the Israeli electorate voted so strongly for Yair Lapid and his Yesh Atid party.

And the pundits, journalists at the New York Times, and Hillary Clinton are all dead wrong.

As you can read in my previous piece, The Palestinian Israeli Peace Process is Dead. Its been dead for a while, with the Palestinians refusing to sit down and negotiate with Israel for more than two years, with the full and complete support of President Obama and his cabinet at that.

Though the final nail in the coffin was the international community overwhelmingly supporting the Palestinians in the UN when they single-handedly ripped up the Oslo Accords by declaring a state. You see the fundamental basis of the Oslo accords state that neither party is to take any unilateral action that may undermine a negotiated agreement. And the Palestinians seeking and obtaining recognition as a state by the UN is EXACTLY what they did, with the full support of UN members including the UK, France, Germany and pretty much everyone else but the US, Canada and the Czech Republic.

Indeed, while it is sad for Israelis to have given up any realistic hope for peace, we haven’t given up hope for continuing to live productive lives, raise our children and be happy.

So then, many ask just why did so many choose to vote for the Yesh Atid Party led by Yair Lapid and the Jewish Home Party led by Naftali Benett (a modern religious (traditional) party which was projected to tie Yesh Atid but in the end trailed by 40%).

And the reason is simple. שווניון בנטל . Or in English, sharing the burden. Over the past year or two, much like in the Arab countries and other countries around the world, there have been numerous protests for social justice. The cost of living is skyrocketing and its hard to get ahead. Though in Israel there’s one difference, the Haredim, or Ultra Orthodox. They have many children, most don’t serve in the army (they’re given a waiver is the study in Yeshivot, or schools where the religious men study the Torah and other Jewish learning). Statistics released today (Jan, 31 2013) show that half of all residents in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak (a religious suburb of Tel Aviv) choose not to work.

But even more so, due to their discipline in elections (they vote who their rabbi tells them to vote for) and their numbers, and the need for the Israeli Prime Minister to form a coalition with at least 62 of the 120 seats in the parliament, all too often the religious parties are asked to join the government, and as a reward they are given control of such offices as the head of the budget office, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Religion.

And while being in charge of these organizations, they create legislation that most benefits their electorate, the Ultra Orthodox. Giving them huge discounts on new housing, allocating more budget per capita to their children for education than the secular, providing living stipends. And they make the rules so many only come into effect with families of 4, 5 or more children. Meaning that most secular families won’t be eligible, only the religious and Arab population (both of these populations have very high birth rates).

The secular folk like me, working productive jobs making a decent salary can't afford to buy a home in this country, while the ultra orthodox folk who don't work, don't pay taxes and live on the government dole off our taxes are given homes at 50% discount.

As a matter of fact, I have a friend that became ultra orthodox. I visited him last year. He now has 11 children and lives in Me'ea Sha'arim. While visiting his house he received 11 crates of fruits and vegetables, and 11 bags of more fruit. That's one crate and one bag of fruits and vegetables per child. And he told me he get's this every week. When I asked where it comes from, he pointed to the sky and said "the holy one blessed be he." Funny, that's not the name written on my pay stub.

So in short, the secular work hard, make money, pay a huge amount of taxes, serve in the army and put their lives in danger, and their taxes are taken and used to subsidize the lives of unproductive folks with large families, who refuse to work, don’t serve in the army and don’t pay taxes. And most concerning, is that this situation is not sustainable, with the difference in birth rates soon enough we’ll have a minority of working folk supporting the unproductive folk.

And so, in an effort to bring an end to religious domination, lighten the burden on the working and tax paying middle class, and to bring an end to this most obscene situation, the secular and modern religious populations (the modern religious do work and do serve in the army and are productive), voted for parties which they felt would tip the scales and force the Prime Minister to not form a government with the religious parties.

It should be known that there is still a significant divide between the secular Yesh Atid and the modern religious Jewish Home. Particularly as regards settlements and peace. Yesh Atid believes no new settlements should be built and that we should be willing to pull out of some settlements for peace, while Jewish Home feels we need to fight tooth and nail to keep all settlements and continue building. But that’s as much as I’ll say on the subject.

So the people of Israel did not vote for these parties because of something that President Obama said, as much as he and others would like to think so. And they did not vote for these parties because they feel a need to return to the negotiating table when there is no partner on the other side.

As a matter of fact, myself, and many others that voted for these parties for the most part agree with Binyamin Netanyahu’s political policies as reflects peace, security and international relations. And most of us support him in the face of pressure being put on him by the President of the United States. Anybody who reads my blog knows that I feel that President Obama has been a catastrophe for Israel.

And it’s not because we’re right wing fanatics or don’t want peace, it’s because that after pulling out of both Lebanon and Gaza we got no peace. It’s because as the Palestinian Prime Minister continues to refuse to sit down and negotiate it is us, the Israelis who are portrayed as not wanting peace. It’s because our peace partners the Egyptians democratically elected a terrorist (with the full backing of President Obama) who says they (the Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims) must "nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred for jews".

Its because of the spin and lies and hate that is propagated across the media, on the internet, in comments on articles and blogs, on twitter, and elsewhere that, indeed, it seems only too true that the world is against us, and we don’t care anymore.

And It’s about time we stop trying to appease those who don’t have our best interests at heart, those like President Obama who are arrogant enough to openly declare in front of the world that they know better than the Prime Minister what is best for the state of Israel. I mean, if that isn’t arrogance at its best I don’t know what is.

And what's really funny is that the world is falling apart, more than 80,000 people have been killed in Syria, Egypt is falling back into the abyss. Hate is oozing out from the four corners of the earth, and yet it would seem that the President of the United States thinks that Palestinian issue is the only conflict worth resolving. As if once its resolved Syrians will sit down and smoke the peace pipe, Iran will stop developing the b-mb, Al Qaida in Mali and Afghanistan will go back to growing wheat, the American economy will turn around, and the world will be a better place. I mean, seriously?

So folks, the elections have come and gone, and with all the commentary of what would be, and what was, that, is really all you need to know.

Any hope of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians will only start when the leadership of the Palestinian people stands up in front of his people and tells them that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state, the Palestinians have no right to resort to violence, and that he is ready to enter into negotiations without prerequisites. Indeed, he needs to pull an Anwar Sadat, and anything less just won’t do.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Targeting Gaza Smuggling Tunnels 101 – for Idiots

Scroll down for the video.

A colleague of mine stumbled across an interesting discovery, one made by many I’m sure. And it relates to something that is inevitably going to get someone in trouble, for example the journalist, who seems to buddy with Hamas terrorists smuggling weapons to kill Israeli civilians.

Mr. Browning was kind enough to make this tweet, which I’m recording for posterity below, in case he decides to delete it after this post.

So my colleague, who discovered the tweet, downloaded the photo to discover that geo-tagging was apparently enabled on the device Mr. Browning used to take the photo.

And let me tell you, the results are going to make someone’s job pretty easy.

You see, it pretty precisely marks the tunnel, whose coordinates were automatically added to the photo Mr. Browning posted.

And the below is a very short demo that illustrates how to view GPS coordinates tagged on a photo, then identify that location .Enjoy~!

  1. To identify the georaphic-location of this photo, we located the tweet. Then clicked the photo in the tweet to take us to the original.
  2. We then right-click the original and Choose Save Image As, and save it to a convenient location.
  3. We can now right-click the image, and choose Properties.
  4. Then click the Details tab, and scroll down.
  5. If geo-tagging was enabled we’ll see GPS coordinates, like we do here. We can then go to a website, like and upload the photo. And then we can go to the map to see the coordinates.
  6. If we zoom out a little bit, we’ll see exactly where the entrance to this tunnel is located. And that’s how you target a smuggling tunnel used by terrorists to smuggle weapons into Gaza.
The IDF and the People of Israel would like to thank Mr. Browning for his cooperation. Whatever you do sir, please be sure to leave geo-tagging enabled on your Blackberry!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 - RIP the Palestinian Israeli Peace Process

In 1995 I, together with the majority of Israelis voted for Peace, electing the labor party to carry on Yitzhak Rabin's legacy to make peace with the Palestinians.

In 2006, in their first ever democratic elections, monitored by any number of international bodies and personalities, and in spite of the efforts of Western nations to the opposite, the Palestinian people voted for war. They elected the Hamas to govern them and lead them into the future.

And the rest, is history. As some often say, democracy in the Arab world is one vote for one person, one time. And it sure seems that way with the Palestinians.

On this day in 1947 the nacent United Nations voted to partition what was left of British Mandated Palestine which was designated to be a Jewish state as set out in the Balfour declaration into two states, one Jewish one Arab. The majority of which was already given to a smuggler that often worked with the British as a reward for many favors provided, Talal I bin Abdullah, the first King Hussein of the nation of Jordan. I know this man was a smuggler for a distant relative of mine in Israel today in his early 90's used to do business with him long before he was crowned King.

And today, the International Community including the majority of Western European Nations support the Palestinian's request for Observer Status, an action that goes against the very fabric of the Oslo Accords that determine that no side shall take any unilateral action which may undermine a mutual agreement.

And the point of the Palestian's seeking this special status has nothing to do with any desire to realize a Palestinian state, something they could have had now for going on 65 years now if they didn't reject the vote on partition for an Arab and Jewish state in 1947, and then went on to wage a war that rages to this day.

And as opposed to moving the sides closer to peace, today opens a new chapter in this war,  one which is being underwritten by the international community. One in which the Palestinians will now try to use international courts of justice to persecute the Jewish state.

And me, and many like myself, who back in 1995 believed that the Palestinians desired to live in peaceful co-existence, after two intifadas, Israel unilaterally pulling out of Gaza in the hopes the Palestinians would start to build a society, operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense, and tens of thousands of missiles who as of just last week began reaching Israel's cities in the center including both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, no longer believe there is any partner on the other side.

Quite the opposite, we are certain that the other side doesn't want peace. They refuse to negotiate with Israeli leadership, and have made it clear that their goal is attacking Israel in every way and in every forum possible. The world leadership wants you all to believe that there are two Palestinian leaderships, one fanatic (Hamas) and one Moderate (Fatah). But make no mistake, there is no difference between them. They both work towards the same goal. And if you're looking to understand what that goal is, you can read a tweet sent out by the General Secretary of the UN himself, Bank Ki Moon.

That goal is a single state, in which the majority would be Muslim. The success of the vote we see today in the UN is the unfortunate result of President Obama's policies in the Middle East for the past four years. Attacking Israel in international forums, questioning their desire for peace when all along it was the Palestinians that were those whose desire should have been questioned, and leading an anti-Israel line which eventually was followed by the rest of the nations in the world. Make no mistake, what is taking place today is in no small part the result of the Obama Administration's policies over the last four years. We would all like to believe this administration has since learned from their mistakes. But even if we believe they have, the damage is done, and most likely irreversible.

We will have to see how this latest incentive provided by the UN to the Palestinians will play out. Though it is all to clear that it signals a new stage in the Palestinians' (and Arab) bloody terrorist war against Israeli civilians. As it launches missiles at our population centers and the world points at us and calls us the murders. And as we try to protect ourselves and our children, the world calls us war criminals.

Indeed, those who still insist that for some twisted reason there is any hope of a peace process to take place not to mention think that for some really strange reason it is for Israel to make further sacrifices that shall never be reciprocated by the Palesitnians and only lead to undermining the security of the Israeli people, should heed these words:

The Palestinian Israel Peace Process is dead. And the only thing that can bring it back from the dead, is an honest, heartfeld declaration by the Palestinian leadership that they are willing to recognize Israel as the national homeland for the Jews and that they are willing to live in peace together, side by side. And solid, concrete steps to show their call is genuine.

And until that happens, you can forget about any hope, dream or thought of  peace.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Israel to Sue Palestinian Authority on Multiple Counts in International Criminal Court

At least, that's how the headlines should read.

Over the past month or two it has become known that the Palestinian Authority is seeking the status of an Observer State in the United Nations. Israel has been making many efforts trying vainly to convince member states to vote against this action. And it has now become clear that the first action the Palestinians intend to take as an Observer state in the United Nations, is to use their new found status to sue Israel in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague for the murder of Yasser Arafat, even though there is absolutely no proof that Arafat was murdered. As a matter of fact, a French Doctor Roland Masse, a specialist on radioactivity and professor at Percy military hospital where Arafat died said in an interview that there is "Absolutely no way" Arafat was poisoned.

There are also concerns that the Palestinians will try to sue Israel for war crimes for their actions during Operation Cast Lead in which Israel went in and destroyed and dismantled terrorist infrastructure used to attack over one million Israelis.

There is much anxiety in the Israeli press and apparently among the Israeli political echelons regarding these actions. Though if I was the Israeli leadership, I'd be preparing for Palestinian recognition by the UN by playing the Palestinians own game.

Israel should be feverishly busy preparing to sue the Palestinians, who for years waged a terrorist war against Israeli civilians with suicide bombers, particularly during the second intifada, for war crimes both against Israeli civilians by using a public policy of launching missiles into Israeli population centers, for war crimes against their own people for launching these missiles from among their own population, for incitement to murder, funding of terrorist organizations, and a litany of other offenses.

For, if the Palestinians, by being recognized by the UN as an Observer state, will then have the ability to sue Israel for frivolous lawsuits (frivolous because they have no basis and are using using the international court of law as a weapon against Israel), it only stands to reason that the moment the Palestinians are recognized as a state and then this right; Israel, or any other nation will then be able to sue them for the list of crimes against humanity they've committed on pretty much a daily basis since the court was given authority in 2002.

And of course, the best defense is a good offense. What can be better than that. Let the nation that has waged a war of terror against the Israeli people using their own civilians be answerable in front of the world.

So I certainly hope that the Israeli foreign ministry is getting their sh!t together, and preparing to prosecute the Palestinian leadership in what should be the most logical forum for doing so.

And I fully expect to see the title of this blogpost become reality in a very short time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Supporting Terrorists in the Pursuit of Peace!

OK, this is getting beyond ridiculous. In an article published in today's Ha'aretz titled "Report: In wake of Gaza flare-up, U.K. could support Palestinian bid at UN," it was made known that in the wake of Hamas' attack on Israeli civilians from Gaza, the United Kingdom is weighing supporting a bid by Palestinians to ask for Observer Status at the UN, which would defacto mean that a Palestinian state would be recognized by the UN.

So let me put that in layman terms: a terrorist organization launches missiles at Israeli population centers, and the United Kingdom (England) thinks its Israel that needs to be punished. That's what it seems like in any case.

Of course, this is all being done in order to promote "peace." Because the UK isn't stupid, they know that the Palestinians won't agree to recognition of Israel in any way shape or form, as we can see in this article. So taking a cue from  President Obama's policies of the last four years, the British think that peace can actually be achieved, if only Israel would give the Palestinians "enough." And they see a need to bolster the "moderate" Palestinian leadership Fatah, you know, the one that just blew up a bus in central Tel Aviv.

They say that because of Hamas' "success" with the Gaza operation and increased support among the Palestinian people, they need to bolster Mahmud Abbas. that's right. So lets also put that in layman's terms: Because Palestinians reigned terror on 4 million Israelis for over a week, the Palestinian government needs to be bolstered. Boy for a moment there I thought terrorists were being rewarded for killing innocent civilians.

What the UK doesn't want to acknowledge is that there is no point to this little game of popularity.  During the first ever certified democratic elections for Palestinian leadership in 2006,  the Palestinian people  elected Hamas to be their representatives. So in fact, no matter how much they don't want to admit it, Hamas is the legitimate government of the Palestinian people. And as such, reflect the will of the Palestinian people. Much like in 1938 the Germans voted into government you know who. Not to make the forbidden comparison, but did the world try to protect the innocent Germans because of the evil deeds of their government?

The bottom line is that both parties (Hamas and Fatah) are unwilling to recognize Israel, no matter what. The "moderate" Palestinian leadership has refused to negotiate with Israel for more than two years now. They refuse to make any form of concessions, and refuse to even consider thinking of recognizing Israel.
But all of this is simply inconvenient facts in the eyes of the British. Because to them, what's important here is peace!

Well folks, this spectacle of absurdity just keeps going on. The article further states that British support for the Palestinian request for Observer Status would be contingent upon them not using that status to try to bring Israeli soldiers to trial for Crimes against Humanity in the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

But wait, wasn't that the Palestinians that were indiscriminately firing missiles into Israeli population centers, a war crime? Wasn't that the Palestinians that were firing those missiles from among the civilian population, another war crime? So shouldn't it be the Palestinians that should be brought to trial in the International Criminal Court for war crimes?

And people wonder why Israelis think the UN and international bodies are a joke. And they say Israel's got a persecution complex, I wonder why.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Cease Fire, but for How Long

A cease-fire between Hamas and Israel has been announced. It is to begin tonight at 21:00 "Cairo" time. The past two weeks of missiles has given us, those who live in the center of the country, only a tiny taste of what over one million Israelis are living with regularly, and have had to deal with for 4, 6 and even 8 years. It is a bitter pill to swallow. No, I nor anybody I know actually want to go to war.

But we know, as it always happens, its only a matter of time until the next rocket is fired. And at that time, most likely, the Israeli leadership will let it pass. As it will the one after that, and again the one after that.

As I mentioned in a previous post, even among those who were called up and their families, most Israelis however loathe to go to war or begin a ground invasion felt that it was time to put a stop to the missile fire once and for all. That a ground assault was needed. Of course, there are many implications in doing so. And many questions. Do you destroy Hamas? And if you do, then who takes over the managing of Gaza. For we have no desire to stay there. And then the obvious question is what's the solution. And the obvious answer to some is peace, stupid.

Obvious to those who think that Hamas doesn't actually mean it when they say they want to destroy Israel. For those who claim that once they have a state they will have to be responsible and take care of their people. We can see what value Hamas and the Palestinian leadership have for their people. And for those who lament the death and destruction and celebrate its end, while I envy their innocence, or ignorance, I deplore their short sightedness. For in the end, because Israel didn't launch a ground invasion to tear apart the terrorist military infrastructure built in back yards, next to hotels and schools, and mosques, hostilities will begin again, and more blood will be spilt.

Those who think that low level conflict with few casualties is preferable to outright war are short sighted. A long war that slowly sucks your blood and poisons your existence is much more damaging, both physically and psychologically, than a short intense war that brings things to an end. If peace is the option to war, I embrace it gladly, if dragging out death and misery is the option, I take war.

An interesting point is Netanyahu, who everybody accuses of being a war monger and right wing, is the first Israeli Prime Minister in a long time to face a real and present danger and justification in launching a larger war, but decided not to. And perhaps that is telling in itself.

Its hard to understand why the Israeli leadership would call up 90,000 troops, have 20,000 of them already show up for duty, and then just send them home. Its hard to believe it was all a big bluff, to try and get the Palestinians to agree to a ceasefire. And it would seem more to be that, once again, outside pressure is what led to the Israeli leadership to cancel a ground invasion. It can be assumed that once again, the Obama administration had a large hand in this. While voicing their support for Israel defending itself throughout this whole drama. It is clear they were against a larger operation.

There is also still other factors at play. For example, if and when an attack against Iranian nuclear facilities will take place. And who will participate in these attacks.

Today Israeli shelters stand open and its soldiers stand ready for duty. And as I described in a previous piece, 6 American warships are currently stationed off the coast of Israel. Some in Israel have hinted it was a threat by the Obama administration geared towards the Israeli leadership. I can only hope they are wrong, and still believe that it also has to do with Iran. And perhaps the reason why the Israeli leadership has decided against a ground invasion now, is because they know of something bigger on the horizon. Hamas' ability to sow destruction on Israel's cities has been severely impaired. Meaning that in a larger scale confrontation on additional fronts, which may include Lebanon and Syria, and possibly even missiles from Iran, Israel can reposition the large part of its forces and missile shield in the north, where it will certainly be more needed. For Hezbulla and Syria's capacity and stockpiles of weapons are many times larger than that of Hamas.

Only time will tell, only the Israeli leadership, and that of the international community know the. answers. Me as an Israeli to a degree feel betrayed. Betrayed by a leadership that is meant to protect us, and bring an end to the threat upon us, when the opportunity arises. With that said, I do, to a degree, still have faith in their governing, and hope that the actions taken now are the result of a larger scenario, one which remains a mystery to us all.

Let us pray that another rocket is never fired and children in both Gaza and Israel never have to hear the sound of a siren or deal with the injury, death or terror of war or missiles. But let us expect that if missiles begin to fly anew into our mists, that our leadership will take the action to bring it to an end once and for all, regardless of the pressures and threats put upon us by others in this world. It is our lives and our families that we need to safeguard, and our children that we need to guarantee a quality of life, one free of threats and violence. Putting it off and dragging it only benefits those that do not have our interests in mind.

And let us remember, if and when this picks up again, just where it left off: