Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Israel: Abandoned, Isolated, and Under Assault

Yes, it is really that bad. That is, at least in the political (and shortly military) sphere. Looking back through modern history it's hard to find a comparable situation in which a single nation, less than 8 million citizens, democratic, perpetually at war for the last 60 years, and fighting totalitarian regime and terrorist organization alike, has been transformed by the international media and leadership of western nations into the biggest pariah state in modern history.

Today in the international community Israel stands as probably the most reviled nation in the world. More reviled that Iran, more reviled than Sudan or Somalia, almost as reviled as Hitler's Germany.

Individual companies and national movements alike are boycotting Israel. The United Nations has passed resolution after resolution slamming the state of Israel and accusing it of crimes while ignoring the very terrorists that launch missles from the yards of their children. Countries including the UK, Ireland, and Australia are expelling Israeli diplomats, Poland has arrested an Israeli suspected of illegally obtaining a German passport, and is getting ready to extradite him. The UK, who's justice system allows requesting the authorities to arrest any individual without any proof of crime, has for two years threatened to arrest Israeli official after Israeli official, and Israeli citizens themselves have been the target of terrorist attacks and at the same demonization led by the international press, who have been convinced by the same terrorists that send walking bombs into pizza parlors to kill Israeli children that murdering children is a valid political tool.

International "humanitarian" organizations which are supposed to be concerned about the welfare of humanity, volunteer their services as human shields in the service of violent mercenaries looking to attack and kidnap Israeli soldiers while at the same time with the collusion of the media get the added bonus of deligitimzing Israel's actions to prevent arms smuggling.

Israel's traditional allies, "enlightened" western nations including Germany, France and the UK have not only abandoned Israel wholesale, but are now openly demanding that Israel lift a blockade on Gaza meant to prevent the smuggling of heavy weapons that will be used to kill scores of Israelis. Their excuse, the supposed humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The real reasons? God only knows, fear of Muslim reactions in their streets, intense political pressure from the American administration, or successful brainwashing by Muslim terrorists and rogue nations in which they really believe that Israel has transformed Gaza into a concentration camp and is rounding up Palestinians for extermination as we speak.

Israel has been abandoned by its closest ally the President of the United States, who seems to have made the strategic decision to sacrifice Israel as part of his attempts to engage the Islamic world. Perhaps mixed in with a bit of his belief that Palestinians are being robbed by Israel of their freedom like African Americans were once robbed of their liberty by their slavemasters, a belief which is completely wrong. The American President has shown time and again not only his distaste for Israelis and their Prime Minister, he's shown his preference for trying to woo dictators like Syria's Bashar al' Assad, or Turkey's very own Taaycep Erdogan, even after Syria continued to allow terrorists to prepare attacks against American soldiers in Iraq from Syrian territory and after Turkey voted against the latest UN resolution lead by the US.

Though what might be most concerning is the abandonment by the very few people that are supposed to understand Israel and support them in their time of need, the American and international Jewish community. Sure, there are a few brave souls, those not afraid to openly voice their support for Israel, not afraid to criticize President Barack Obama for reneging on each and every one of his campaign promises regarding Israel, people like international human rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz, former NY Mayor Ed Koch, or my friend Dan from Chicago. But they are few and far between. The rest sit in either apathy or indifference to the events unfolding in the world, the situation of Israel in the Middle East, and the increasing drive towards critical mass.

Israel has been abandoned by almost every single one of its friends and allies. It has been demonized by the 'good' organizations in the world that believe the Palestinian people shouldn't suffer because of Hamas' actions in waging war on Israel, but at the same time seem to think the Israeli people are just as guilty of the "crimes" of the Israeli government taken while protecting Israeli citizens.

Many will say that Israel has brought it upon itself, using the hottest buzzwords adopted by the mainstream media from the Muslim fascists and left-wing anarchists, things like "it’s the natural result of their colonialist policies," or "that's what happens when you enslave people and steal their land." Just keep in mind that this is the same argument used by those that say the Arab and Muslim world has waged war against Israel because it's occupying the West Bank and Gaza. Only problem is that Israel didn't occupy Gaza before 1967, and they're not occupying Gaza now.

The real reason for Arab and Muslim hatred towards Israel is strictly that, hatred. Hatred of the fact that the land of Israel is no longer part of greater Islam like it was under the Ottomans. Hatred that Israel is a Jewish state. Hatred that we do our best to provide liberty and justice for all, even during wartime, or that our women are equal, as are our minorities (even though they'd like to claim they're not). And just maybe it's this very same hatred that is driving the rest of the world to openly participate with fascist thugs and dictators in isolating Israel. A hatred carried over for millennia, one that enabled so many of them to sit and watch while Jews were rounded up and murdered not so long ago. Sound like hyperbole, like I'm going over the top. You haven't heard the half of it.

Today, with their expulsion of an Israeli representative from the nation of Ireland, the Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin said "the official concerned is a victim of the actions of the state they represent." We'll, I'm not sure exactly which actions he's referring to, but I can guarantee you that they were taken to protect Israeli lives. And realize that when he says "a victim of the actions of the state they represent" the actions he is referring to are no less and no more serious than almost every other nation in the world takes, regularly, to protect their own citizens. But in Israel's case, the Israeli government is transformed into a criminal for doing so.

But I'm not her to voice grievances, nor indignation. No, I'm way past that. That's something I've been doing for two years in my blog while the world actively participated in the deligitimization of the State of Israel's right to self defense, and at the same time legitimized, through its publishing and republishing its words, Iran's call for the destruction of Israel through its pronouncements in the media that the "evil entity called Israel" is coming to an end.

I'm here to give one last wake up call. Israel's got its back against the wall. The President of the United States Barack Obama is waging a war against Israel on almost all fronts. Its even been speculated that if Israel decides to try and attack Iranian nuclear facilities, the President may order American troops to stop the attack, even if it involves downing Israeli fighter jets. Would the President attack Israeli jets to protect the Iranians? Don't think it can't happen.

Today, Israeli representatives are being threatened with arrest in the UK, and being expelled from Ireland and Australia, the media has vilified not only the State of Israel, but has half convinced itself and the world that Israel is a state of right-wing, war mongering fanatics, while at the same time convincing itself that human rights and peace activists really do stab and beat soldiers of a sovereign nation taking legal action to protect their state, and try to kidpnap them for ransom to boot.

The world is making a concerted effort at forcing Israel to allow the flow of ten ton bombs into Gaza that can wipe out entire neighborhoods, and Israel's arch enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran that has openly stated time and again its desire to destroy Israel, is not only actively developing the weapons to do so, but as we speak is sending ships most likely packed with hundreds of mercenary soldiers to Gaza, about to spark the biggest war the Middle East has ever seen.

And all you can do is barely make an effort to read these words. Yes you, who have been instilled with the words "Never Again," you who voted for Change and got a hell of a lot more than you asked for. You, who knows right from wrong but can't quite make out whether those on the Turkish humanitarian mission attacked Israeli soldiers, or whether Israeli soldiers actually just landed on one of six boats and decided to shoot it up for the fun of it.

You, those who once upon a time understood that a terrorist was someone that killed civilians, but now can't decide if its Hamas that are terrorists, the ones' that have enslaved their own people and transformed them into human shields, or the sovereign State of Israel, the ones that that are doing whatever they can to prevent the next 12 thousand missles from falling on its citizens heads, the same missles the peace activists are fighting so violently to ship to Gaza.

And you, American Jews who can't find the desire or the strength to make your voices heard loud and clear at what is very likely the most critical and defining moment in the history of the modern State of Israel. One in which Iran and its partners have already succeeded in stockpiling tens of thousands of missles on Israel's borders, sent thousands if not tens of thousands of trained soldiers to its borders, and is waiting for the signal to open its offensive in its next and greatest attempt at achieving its goal, the destruction of Israel and ethnic cleansing of its citizens.

Just remember, if you don't speak now, you will shoulder the burden for the death and destruction that is about to rein in this land. Your silence is interpreted as tacit agreement.

So maybe I am here to express indignation, and grievance. But can you blame me? I had more faith in you, more belief in your ability to judge right from wrong, more certainty that your sense of justice would prevail, more conviction that when the time came, again, you'd stand up to the dictator and mass murderer and say never again. That you'd demand from your leaders to stand up for what's right, and not bow down and let war and darkens enveloped us once again. But today you sit in silence, and in apathy, today is the day Israel loses hope in those that claim to support them. Today I despair, today I lose faith.

This will be my last blog post in any way, shape or form making any type of plea or request. That's it, in Israel we're fed up. Apparently there's no one in the world interested in guaranteeing our right to a free and peaceful life, so we'll just have to do it ourselves. And g-d have mercy on those that attack us.

It's funny, I often hear about the end of days, the coming of the messiah, gog v'magog, the apocalypse. How the entire world turns against Israel, even its best friends, but I never took it seriously. However, today it's hard not to make a connection, to see how some prophecies in the world seem to be self fulfilling. And it's hard not to think that we just might really be at that point. Perhaps, not the end of the world, but at a point of death and destruction the likes the world has never seen, even if it's primarily in the Middle East. Though just remember the words of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, it always starts with the Jews, meaning it will arrive to your door sooner or later. Some people may laugh, I warn you to take it seriously.

If it was strictly about being abandoned by our friends and our allies, I might still take heart. But what's more ominous and more despairing is the silence of those that have professed not only their friendship, but brotherhood, those that share an emotional bond with this land, and its people. For when they sit silent, there's no one left to speak up.

Think its not as bad as all that, think again.


  1. I sympathise with your cause !! Only wish i could !!! Nice story though !!! Blessings !!

  2. I am not so pessimistic, in the end Israel will prevail..)

  3. It will be the end of days because everybody knows that if Israel stands before its destruction - they will go with a big boom and there will be no life in Middle East - the nuclear winter will come to it...

  4. Thank you for this powerful piece, while I am not sure what will wake up the great Jewish left wing, I hope this has some effect.

  5. Good piece. I gave up on the fools you appeal to long ago. They long ago ceased giving a damn. They will die in the hells they made for themselves, riding their SUV's and mistaking the handsome devils guarding the gate of that hell for St. Peter. But at least you understand the key points. Let's repeat them, in case anybody has missed them.

    "I often hear about the end of days, the coming of the messiah, Gog u'Magog, the apocalypse. How the entire world turns against Israel, even its best friends, but I never took it seriously. However, today it's hard not to make a connection, to see how some prophecies in the world seem to be self fulfilling. And it's hard not to think that we just might really be at that point. Perhaps, not the end of the world, but at a point of death and destruction the likes the world has never seen, even if it's primarily in the Middle East."

  6. I am monitoring the European mediaa, and must conclude: there is a lot of support for Israel:
    Have links in Dutch/German/Danish/Italian/Spanish...this one is op ed in Le Pais, Spanish largest newspaper in ENG. http://www.ajc.org/site/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=ijITI2PHKoG&b=2818289&ct=8440959&notoc=1
    Many people tend to think: The Israelis can handle this perfectly on its onw...

  7. No doubt there is some support for Israel, but it is by far the minority. The EU is about to vote on an agenda that will slam Israel's actions against the Mavi Marmara and call Israel to immediately lift the blockade. I have a hard time translating the sympathizing with Hamas and Iran transferring weapons by lifting a legal naval blockade as support. And when it comes from the European Union itself, not one EU state but all of them, its quite telling.

  8. UK seems to be reconsidering law of "universal jurisdiction." http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/may/30/change-universal-jurisdiction-law

    Also: Support for Israel is strong in US Congress/Senate, and fairly strong with US public, especially among Evangelical Christians.

  9. Richard,

    "(...) what's more ominous and more despairing is the silence of those that have professed not only their friendship, but brotherhood, those that share an emotional bond with this land, and its people. For when they sit silent, there's no one left to speak up."

    Did you ever stop to think why you have lost these people?

    Do you think it's ALL THEIR FAULT?